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Configuration URL gives Server Communication Error

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I am new in the mobile mapworks, I installed MMW Advantage 16.5 on ios device, It gives me 2 options either to run the demo or the configuration url, SO What is the configuration url is it on the device or the service, could you please provide an example.

As I try to enter (http://SERVERNAME/mmw) but I got Server Communication Error message


Also When I try to access this url on the server itself it gives HTTP error 500.19-Internal Server Error,

I am using windows server 2012 R



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Re: Configuration URL gives Server Communication Error

Hello Khaled.


Please refer to https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/QrEbyE0XHYHOK_3tKDoPZg/cvt_LVQxNPh989uqh2QAqg

If some clarification is needed please log a ticket with support.


Thank You,