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Configure window authentication for geospatial portal

HI team,


Is there any official guide to configure window authentication for geospatial portal instance. We have our guide which developed for version 14 and I use it for geospatial portal 2016EP04 but it does not work any more.


  1. In IIS, select the instance, in Authentication, disable Anonymous and enable Window authentication
  2. Right-click Window Authentication, select Providers option and remove "Negotiate"
  3. Select folder "AdminService" and make sure Anonymous authentication is enabled.
  4. Use an admin account for the portal's application pool


In 2014, I believe when launch portal, the portal is authenticated and the user will be shown in Authentication tab. In 2016EP04 portal, it redirect to login.aspx,



Appreciate all suggestions and advices on this matter.


Kind regards,


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Re: Configure window authentication for geospatial portal

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Hi Bob,


Have you checked this documentation topic?


(please be aware that the online docs might not work in some browsers these days)




Jan Neumann
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