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Configuring Geospatial Portal with custom mapStorageFolder and cfgFolder

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Hi All

We are setting up a Portal with mapStorageFolder and cfgFolder located not on the same server but elsewhere. The Portal is Windows authenticated with ASP.NET impersonation enabled. AdminConsole is Windows authenticated as well. AdminConsoleAppPool and PortalAppPool have specific user identity (domain\user)



Symbolic link was created as below. Portal starting workspace is pointing to this location.


Mklink /d C:\Temp\Link_Maps \\server\Temp\Maps



What user(s) should have access to this location and what permission(s) should be granted to this user(s)?


Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Re: Configuring Geospatial Portal with custom mapStorageFolder and cfgFolder

Hi Denis,


The local app_data folder (and its subfolders Configuration and Maps) is setup to have Full control granted to Administrators and <Portalname>AppPool therefore full control for the portalapppool identity (i.e. domain/user) would be a start, perhaps trying domain/admin to see if you run into any access issue.


I recall Colin B. posted a related question on SI forum a month ago where he had some success with portal instance with remote mapStorageFolder and cfgFolder.


Hope this helps.


Let us know how it goes.