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Consumer Portal 2018 - WMPS search Pin not showing

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We have just upgraded Consumer Portal from 16 to 2018 (16.5) in client's environment. installation went smoothly.

We search for a feature in CP (via WMPS search), the search tool does return results however there are no Pins showing in the map.

In Chrome Debugger, no error is shown, no request for the marker-icon.png is observed. 




On our VM (different environment), the seaerch Pin displays properly. puzzled... 


Any idea on how to diagnose this issue is appreciated.







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Re: Consumer Portal 2018 - WMPS search Pin not showing

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HI team,


Some information on the search and the environment. Our client already has around 12 search instances created in WebMap 2015. The server was upgraded from WebMap 2015 to 2016, all searches were tested and they were working 2016 and now we upgrade it from 2016 to 2018 (16.5). The upgrade (uninstallation + installation) has no problem; however, some search instances seem to be broken, they also causes the validation to fail (the apply button disabled), so we are not able to delete them.




I try to monitor all requests from this interface, so I can delete search configuration from the backend. but still can't find where they are stored. The cause of the failure in validation is that the request GetFeatureClassInfo which retrieves all columns somehow returns exception


Request 2.png


Here is an example when it fails, the screen shows "please wait" for long time and it doesn't go away.


Search 1.png


I have no idea why it fails, some of them somehow works if I restart the WebMap service or switch between "Define search items" and "Select searchable attributes" tab repeatedly for a while.


Appreciate all ideas and suggestions


Kind regards