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Registered: ‎05-30-2016

Dashed line styling for WFS in Geospatial Portal

Has anyone succesfully implemented custom functionality, that allows for e.g. dashed line styling for WFS using Geospatial Portal SDK? This type of styling is currently not supported by Geospatial Portal (we have filed CR).


Our customer needs to be able to use e.g. dashed line styling for WFS, using the GUI tools (not API). I have been searching the forum and articles, but have not found anything related. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


Even a "we need that too" is okay. It would help build the case for the CR.




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Re: Dashed line styling for WFS in Geospatial Portal

Hello Mp


Just a note that if this is business critical functionality you now have the option to have the functionality developed on your behalf by Hexagon Geospatial through the Hexagon Geospatial Developers Network.