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Example for consume OpenLS rooting service with .net

In the section Using .Net Project  (https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/QoUZZ5ezo7phElrrqHjqow/mfDZvegNJ4ftn2_V9D4uGQ)

the links are not available. We need some example of consuming OenLS rooting service with .net.

thank you

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Re: Example for consume OpenLS rooting service with .net

[ Edited ]

Please check out this article to see if it helps:



I did a search for "OpenLS" on the community front page (https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/) and locate the above aritcle (i.e. third suggestion from the list)


I believe you were using the v16.0 GeoMedia WebMap Administrator Guide, which contains the invalid links.  We have removed the invalid links from the v16.5 GeoMedia WebMap Administrator Guide (https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/VN16UWekLH1Ie76alrgScw/ZkoJxSweqdNuN6ktAAr1og