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Fancy Tooltips example and wc_map_layer_red_pin class name

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I am experimenting with the example in Section 5.0 Pin Layer named Fancy Tooltips

I can run this example sucessfully on a machine where i have Geospatial Portal installed.

On another machine, I have only GeoMedia Webmap.and the SDK and  I can't start from webpage examples.aspx because i get a missing license message. (not a Hexagon license) but i put the code for the Fancy Tooltips in my Visual Studio project and changed it just slightly to use a feature from my GeoMedia Publisher project.  


The code works sucessfully in that when i hover near a feature i get the nice tool tip display of attribute information.

The pins themselves are not displaying.  

If i change the addToLegend: false to addToLegend: true

then i display points in the proper locations.


I am wondering if my project doesn't have access to the class names wc_map_layer_green_pin and wc_map_layer_red_pin

Where are the definitions for these classes located? I tried searching for them and can't find them.  I did find the png  pin images. in the /img folder.


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