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Featureinfo tool-tip masks main Geospatial Portal interface



I have some concern about the default featureinfo tootip in Geospatial Portal 2018...


  1. As shown in the screenshot below, the featureinfo tootip/control masks the main UI making it impossible to interact with the features on map.(maybe there is a setting somewhere to change this behaviour, someone let me know)
  2. Am not sure if this is a desireable design since it does not even show which feature has been clicked. (i want a pointer to the clicked item on map)
  3. The featureinfo tooltip in Consumer portal is more user friendly and should be emulated in Geospatial portal.


ui masking.png


I also have a strong feeling the Geospatial portal and all it's templates need fresh breadth of modern UI life. Either update to latest ExtJS versions or drop ExtJS and embrace more flexible, modern and mainstream UI frameworks. I understand some of these can be done by ourselves using the SDK but i have to admit it's a tedious process that complicates change management and/or software updates.




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Re: Featureinfo tool-tip masks main Geospatial Portal interface

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Hi Elvis,


Since all of your concerns are rather ideas, I'd suggest you to create Product Idea(s) on the topics mentioned. All that you described above work as designed.




Jan Neumann
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