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Registered: ‎01-14-2016

GPS Tracking in Geospatial Portal

Hello guys!


Our customer wants to get GPS tracking of the dozens of vehicles in Geospatial Portal (GP).

He has access to the source data in EGTS, WIALON protocols.

Does anyone aware reg the appropriate tools in GP for GPS tracking? 

Customer wants to have also searching, track info, history info options, etc.


Any ideas or another HexGeo web-technologies are also highly appreciated!


Thank you,



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Re: GPS Tracking in Geospatial Portal

I do not know the software, but that sounds like a good application of Luciad technology API. 

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Registered: ‎01-14-2016

Re: GPS Tracking in Geospatial Portal

Hello, rgoodman!


Yeah, I also was thinking about Luciad.

But my customer wants to use the existing GP license for this project.




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Re: GPS Tracking in Geospatial Portal

[ Edited ]

I did something like this about 6 years ago for a local mining company.


The Location data came from 3 different Satelite phone providers via RSS feeds.

  • I used Edge Frontier (https://www.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com/products/application-integration/edgefrontier) to download the data from the various RSS feeds and push the information into an SQL Server Spatial database. Edge frontier would also send emails to Management if an alert condition was recorded (Emergency button pushed or Speeding recorded)
  • Apollo Advantage was used to make available a WMS/WFS service using the data pushed into the SQL database.
  • Geospatial Portal was configured with some custom javascript to auto load the WMS feed every 30 seconds for updates.
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Registered: ‎01-14-2016

Re: GPS Tracking in Geospatial Portal

Hi phudzon,


Thank you for your case, it's very interesting and very close to our.

We don't have EdgeFrontier, but if we put the data in or MS SQL Spatail database, we could stream the GPS data by WMS/WFS through GeoMedia WebMap, I believe.

Customer uses Geospatial Portal v2014, I thinks it would be possible to customize it in the way you did.


Thanks again,


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Re: GPS Tracking in Geospatial Portal

I havn't tried it, but in Portal you can configure GeoRSS to update periodically without writing any additional code. So deploying an GeoRSS feed to portal could be an alternative to WMS/WFS. Off course you don't get analysis and a few other items that WMS/WFS offers.