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Senior Member
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Registered: ‎02-02-2018

GeoMedia Webmap 2016: WFS features not displayed in AutoCad

Hi Team,


I set up a WFS in GeoMedia Webmap 2016. It works correctly in GeoSpatial portal.

When users try to add the WFS to Autocad, they get a list of layers and can add the layers. When they try to display the layers, they do net get any features back. Nor in their viewport, or in a datatable.


A WMS with the same data from the GeoMedia Webmap Server works fine. The data-source for both WFS and WMS is SQL Server 2012.

A WFS from Erdas Apollo 2018 with a shapefile source works as well.

The AutoCad users can add most external WFS services (I guess the sources are GeoServer or ArcGIS Server in that case).


For the GeoMedia Webmap 2016 WFS:

  • The WFS service works as well in GeoMedia Desktop (2015) and ArcMap.
  • We use EPSG31370. Is it possible that this causes problems? It is added to the csf folder of the service, but not in the config for the GlobalCRSStore.
  • Are there attribute types or names that might cause problems in AutoCad?
  • Do I need to request a specific version for the service in AutoCad (1.0.0, 1.1.0,..), or add other parameters in the request?
  • When I look at the capabilities file, I see that a schema-declaration xmlns:gmgml="http://www.intergraph.com/geomedia/gml" is used. Is that correct?(in some cases, I get an error that the schema declaration for this namespace is not correct).
  • Is there an update for the XML template for a WFS service?



Annelies Van Alphen



Technical Evangelist
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Re: GeoMedia Webmap 2016: WFS features not displayed in AutoCad

Hi Annelies,


Have you tried WebMap 2018 (v16.5 Update1) ?


If you must use WebMap 2016, please make sure the latest 2016 EP04 is installed.