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Registered: ‎10-16-2017

Geomedia WebMap highlight


We have a problem with some map's highlight function when showing the map in the Geospatial Portal.

In the same webmap application we have many maps, and the highlight is working for some of them, but not for others. The ones that are working are similar to the ones that aren't. The tooltip is working for all of them (and actually, if we use the Firebug to debug the geometries, we can see the style changing when moving the mouse over the feature)

For example we have a map that shows some points inside a thematic map that shows the highlight when overing the feature. But the same geometries shown in another map (and also placed in another oracle table; but inside the same publisher's application) has no highlight. The features of the second map are shown correctly, and also the tooltip.

This is the strangest case, becouse in both maps we are using the same data and geometry (placed in diferent tables). The geometries in this case are points. But we are also having the same problem with the highlight in another geometries type.

The highlight is shown in Geomedia for all the maps.

Does anybody know where could be the problem with the highlight? Thank you in advance!

Aditional info:

    Database storage: Oracle
    Geomedia Webmap version: 16.00.02
    Geospatial portal: 16.00.0200 build
        We are adding the webmap services to be shown as svg