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Registered: ‎11-02-2015

Geospatial Portal ApolloPro.aspx - Default color setting for footprint display

Hi there,


perhaps somebody is able to help me with the following configuration changes of the Geospatial Portal.

We are using the GSP as client for APOLLO Adv. We do have more than 500000 datasets referenced in APOLLO catalog covering mostly the urban areas. So if I run a geographic search by polygon in built up areas I end up with more than 200 search results. We also have changed the pagination settings to 50 results per page. For all those 50 results the footprints will be drawn in the map window – this will lead to a “information overflow”.

Right now the footprints of all search results will be displayed as red lines. The selected image will be highlighted in blue.  

So my question is: is there a simple way to modify the default display style of the (non- selected) footprints. They should be fully transparent which means not displayed at all. Only if I select one or more images from the result list the footprints should be highlighted in blue.

I know I am able to modified the colors using the two icons on right side of the search results panel. But I need to do this for every session again.


Maybe I am able to modify the default color settings in a css file? Any help is more than appreciated.





P.S. Sorry fro crossposting. But I am not sure where this topic really fits in (APOLLO or WebGIS)

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