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Geospatial Portal Custom Panels/Windows



Am interested in implementing custom panels in Geospatial Portal as shown below. Basically having charts integrated to the map. Quite similar to what happens in Smart M.Apps. I would want to do this purely in Javascript by use of EXT JS or Chart.js library.




My immediate challenge is adding a custom panel in Geospatial portal. Existing Samples show how to add sidebars and buttons but i can't find one that adds a custom panel or EXT window using javascript.

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Re: Geospatial Portal Custom Panels/Windows

The small problem is that ExtJS 2.0 samples are no longer available from official sources, thus you need to look for mirrored version, one example is:



Typical approach is rather to use ASPX and the ExtJS .NET containers when setting up the page layout. However it might be possible to do it with pure JS too. You need to find proper component name / id that you wish to act as a parent container and then you should be able to work with ExtJS tools.

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