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Accepted Solution

Geospatial Portal DataPanel remove/hide some elements



We would like to know if it is possible remove/hide some elements in the Geospatial Portal Data panel.

For example: 


Row actions and  contextmenu (see image)



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Re: Geospatial Portal DataPanel remove/hide some elements

Hi Marti,


in order to hide row actions from the Data Panel you can use the $GP.ui.dataView API:


            * This method allows to hide row action tools by ID including default tools:
            * - "wc_data_view_properties_link"
            * - "wc_data_view_clipboard_link"
            * - "wc_data_view_fit_link"
            * - "wc_data_view_remove_from_clipboard_link"
            * - "wc_data_view_remove_from_database_link"
            * @method hideRowActions
            * @param {String[]|String} ids IDs of the tools to be hidden
            * @return {void}
            hideRowActions: function (ids, callback, errback) {
                this._processRowActions(ids, callback, errback, true);