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Geospatial Portal Full Layout display in Mobile Browser



I'd like to make the Geospatial Portal to display the full layout on mobile browsers/mobile devices. I have a specific requirement that the layout should be consistent across web and mobile browsers. Can someone let me know if this is possible and what i'd have to do even with the SDK.




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Re: Geospatial Portal Full Layout display in Mobile Browser

Hi Elvis,


There's a parameter in Portal's web.config > webclient section mobileTemplateName, but I've found it doesn't have any effect on the switching behavior, no matter if there's "Full.aspx" as the value. This could be a product bug for which I would file a report, though it needs bit more investigation.


On the other hand, when you have an SDK solution, you can simply edit Global.asax.cs file and comment out UpdateLayout() method in the Application_BeginRequest:

protected override void Application_BeginRequest(Object sender, EventArgs e)

    base.Application_BeginRequest(sender, e);

This way, the layout overriding won't take a place.




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