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Geospatial portal - Add datasource & save

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Good Afternoon dear all


I've found no answer whatsoever:


When starting up Geospatial Portal, the data head directly to data sources and add a new data source.

The new loaded data will display in map Content as Layers-


How do I save my loaded content? so that another Person can start up the GS Portal and see directly the mapcontent with the loaded data...


there is no save button or add button to save this content permanently.


Its kind of urgent...kind regards



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Re: Geospatial portal - Add datasource & save

Hello Philipe.


Please see the online documentation in  the Geospatial Portal Users Guide Creating and Saveing User Maps and Workspaces section in the document.


Thank You,


Posts: 25
Registered: ‎02-24-2017

Re: Geospatial portal - Add datasource & save

Thank you


Kind regards to you