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How to customize printing templates used by external printing service

Is there any other way to remove the scale bar control inseide the map that generating a new  custom snapshot page.


In that case that this wasn't possible is there any example of a custom snapshot page could be that it was so easy and it was really an stupid question but I haven't done any similar thing.

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Re: How to customize printing templates used by external printing service

Hi Santiago,


I'm afraid that only the custom snapshot page (SDK) is a way to go because the scalebar is hardcoded to the MapControl and cannot be removed using template settings.


To remove the scale bar using the Custom Snapshot Page, follow this article:


But instead of creating the complex PredicateStyle.js, just create simple SnaphshotPage.js with this piece of code:

$GP.ready(function () {
    // turn off printout scalebar

And reference the JS file from the MySnapshotPage.cs:

  • ScriptManager.Scripts.Add(new ScriptReference("js/SnapshotPage.js"));



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