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How to enable Applications Pools on WebMap 2020??

I have installed WebMap Professional 2020 and I have followed instructions https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/nnybR~tZxbDITXWj2GgNxQ/uDIxOVnxHPUUsIo7i~O2xQ in order to create new map tools, I get the option to create, it says that creates successfully but when refresing the console I only see the default Application Pool. 

Based on this I supose that some requirement may be missed that don't allow the application pool be added to the list, and then I only can assign default application pool to new services, and everything works as previous versions of WebMap. Do you know where to look for full requirements ??, it is a bug ??, The operating system is Windows 2012 

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Re: How to enable Applications Pools on WebMap 2020??

This was logged as a support ticket and it turned out to be a combination of two problems - the installation was missing AdminPortal and Backend instances, and some of the Windows features (likely WCF HTTP Activation). I've created two new KB articles on the topic:


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