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Installing Geomedia WebMap with two balanced nodes.

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Anyone know a guide to install Geomedia WebMap 2018 in a cluster for two balanced nodes (NLB)




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Re: Installing Geomedia WebMap with two balanced nodes.

Hi Enrique,


Please refer to the following links:


"Configuring the GeoMedia WebMap on the Server in the Cluster" from GeoMedia WebMap Administrator Guide:




"Configure Subcomponents for the Cluster" from ERDAS APOLLO Installation and Configuration Guide, it contains excellent information on specific topics about Geospatial Portal, SDI services and AdminConsole:




Other related community discussions:



Hope this helps.







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Re: Installing Geomedia WebMap with two balanced nodes.

Hi Frank, thanks for the info.

Now I have a WebMap 2020 for 2 nodes and it's working. When I check for fine function, using AdminConsole Configuration Test Service, WebMap create a Service that both nodes share. But, If I create a WMS Service, it's only created on one of server in the farm.


That is, when I create a WMS Service instance, I use http://geomedianlb/AdminConsole/App and the load balance server send the request to one of servers on the Farm, but the instance is created only in the server where was sent the request. Is this correct or the instance for the service should have been shared on both servers to?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Installing Geomedia WebMap with two balanced nodes.

Hi Enrique,


For a WMS, it's a pretty straightforward configuration because it is a state less service. Basically, you must have the WMS instances created on both nodes:

  • Create a WMS instance with the same name on the second node. You must log in to AdminConsole directly on that node - don't use the load balancer URL, but instead the node URL.
  • Either copy the service source folders (e.g. WebMap Publisher Data and WebMap Publisher Projects), so they're identical on the nodes.
    Or better, define a common UNC paths for those folders for the second, or both nodes.
  • Don't create the service source on the second node - just copy the registry records from first to second node:
    • HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Intergraph\GeoMedia WebMap Publisher\Services
  • I strongly recommend using a real database (MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) instead of Access MDB for the service source data.


I hope I didn't miss anything.

Jan Neumann
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