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Accepted Solution

Issue configuring Consumer Portal Oracle Search


I am configuring a Consumer Portal Oracle Search using the Admin Console in GeoMedia WebMap 2015 Advatange EP05.


Once I've defined the Oracle connection string and click Verify Connection the message "Please wait" appears and nothing happens.


The connection string I'm using is:




The password contains lower and upper case letters, a number and "!".

The customer's database is Oracle 12c

I have 32-bit Oracle 12c client installed.

The server operating system is WIndows Server 2008 R2.


I've created the log for the "Backend" web service and ensured the right modify permissions are avaialble on the file but no logging is written to the file when I click "Verify Connection" in the Admin Console.

I've also checked the Admin Console Service log file and this contains no information.

I've noticed that the IIS AppPool for the "Backend" web service is not started so its like the service isn't even being called yet.


How can I find out what's causing the connection verification to fail?


Regular Contributor
Posts: 246
Registered: ‎10-26-2015

Re: Issue configuring Consumer Portal Oracle Search

I discovered that I could use Mozilla FireFox to configure the search. This issue only occurs when I try and use Internet Explorer 9.

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Re: Issue configuring Consumer Portal Oracle Search

Just for the record, IE 9 Internet Explorer End of Support as of January 12, 2016.
and is no longer supported. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/WindowsForBusiness/End-of-IE-support



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Re: Issue configuring Consumer Portal Oracle Search

It is safe to assume that the admin console page for configuring the search is not IE9 friendly, then. There might be something useful printed in the Javascript console when this happens, although very possibly nothing to be fixed without actually looking under the admin console's hood.
I would rather recommend staying far away from IE9 at all cost, though. Admin console is best viewed in a real browser. Just sayin'. Smiley Wink