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Accepted Solution

Loading a WFS using Javascript

Trying to load a WFS in Geospatial Portal using fiollowing function but i keep getting error: 

The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.


function () {
        //Load WFS Layer if not already present in the legend
            id: "{http://myserverIP/geoserver/Demo}boreholes"
        }, function (ret) {
            if (ret.legendItems.length > 0)
        }, function (ret1) {
                url: "http://MyServerIP/geoserver/Demo/wfs",
                definitionName: "WFS",
                ids: ["{http://MyServerIp/geoserver/Demo}boreholes"]
            }, function (result) {
                var legendItemIds = result.ids;
                    id: legendItemIds.slice(-1)[0]
                }, function (ret) {

The service is initialized in Geospatial portal and the layer appears in the Layers panel but not in map window. (plus it doesn't appear with it's default featuretype symbol)


When I register the WFS via  Data Sources => Add Data source, and specify version 1.1.0 as the prefered WFS version, i am able to display the features on map and do other stuff like queries and filters without issues. 


What i am not sure of is how to specify the WFS version using the above function.

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Re: Loading a WFS using Javascript

Hi Elvis,


You should be able to use Service Quirk and force WFS version that way, using <excludeVersion>

Jan Neumann
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