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New Contributor
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MMW 2017? and 2018 - support for off-line workflows

We can see a new MMW app was released in February 2017. In that respect, we have tried to find the most recent description/documentation for off-line workflows (but failed). Pls. let us know where we can read about:


  • How to generate and maintain a backdrop map:
    • In raster format (tile cache for topographic and ECW for arial/ortophoto)
    • In vector (and if styling from GeoMedia can be re-used)
  • How to generate and synchronize off-line inspection data:
    • How to generate the off-line data (still the many steps using open source to generate a GeoPackage?)
    • How to synchronize the edits of the off-line data, back into a enterprise database

If this have not been improved in 2017 over the 2016 release last year, pls. explain what we will get in MMW 2018 and when it will be released.


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Re: MMW 2017? and 2018 - support for off-line workflows

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Hi Jackie


Raster backdrop would be configured through the Raster Cache, https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/y2d6I9R_aX5HjwfzeEsTNQ/CJcLisl1d_pH7E0xgsKM0w


Off-line data is configured through the Vector Cache.https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/y2d6I9R_aX5HjwfzeEsTNQ/SvF7CB5nqt~__OVkSnTb0g


The edits from offline data are through WFS-T and are configurable through the setting of the synchronization trigger.


Thank You,


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Registered: ‎08-17-2017

Re: MMW 2017? and 2018 - support for off-line workflows



When will MMW 2018 be relased? And can you provide us with a list of enhanchments/new capabilities?