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Managing layer in mTransformer

Dear all,

How can I manage layers in mTransformer? Can I use a Dem and two ortho layers (on the same area) and then choose in the 3D view what ortho visualize?

Thank you

Technical Evangelist
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Re: Managing layer in mTransformer

In the way you describe it here it is not possible. The end result of a mTransformer conversion of maptile(s) will be a single 'layer' visible by connection data source of 3D map tiles in a Geospatial Portal instance.


To accomplish what you wish here, it would be necessary to create seperate conversions for each ortho layer and register them seperately in Geospatial Portal instance as well.

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Re: Managing layer in mTransformer

Other way is to use one layer for building the tiles as DEM model and then use the other ortho as WMS layer overlay. The drawback is that there will appear black or empty spots on some places.



Jan Neumann
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