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Measure coordinate point

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We are displaying information in EPSG:3857 (Google) and when we use the measure coordinate command it is displayed the cooridnate in "projection" but the customer want to display it in Geographic. This is more common in many application (include the portal which display in the left-bottom corner the coordinate in geographic).


is there any easy way (as injecting some code) to do that the measure coordinate result on the map will be on Geograhic?


Thantks in advantage. regards

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Re: Measure coordinate point

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Hi Santiago,


 I don't think there is a easy way to do as you want. One of the feasible ways is that you can get the coordinate values of the selected point and use Geospatial API to convert to geographic coordinate and then use redlining API to draw results onto the map as text. From my experience, drawing onto the map needs to be handled carefully,  otherwise it can make selectable layer (svg/svgz) to become unselectable.


Another way is creating a button to show a dialog of the selected points in different coordinate systems.




This way allows us to expand and configure the tools to show the selected point in more coordinate systems


I have an experimenting site here:



The tool is located as followed


CoordinateReadout 1.png


Kind regards


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Registered: ‎10-13-2015

Re: Measure coordinate point

Bob, thanks you. I will try to show this to our customer.


By the way, one thing that we have done is to display also the mesarue in the notify area as well it is registry in the log. There we can write the information in geographic (or in any other CRS).