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Registered: ‎08-10-2016
Accepted Solution

Mobile Alert Configuration

Hi Everyone,


I have some questions about the configuration of Mobile Alert.


  1. Is the domain name configurable to reflect that of a subscribing organization?
  2. Is the app interface configurable to have a theme that is unique to the subscribing organization such that there is no Hexagon logo when the app starts?
  3. Are the portals configurable as well?


Kind Regards,



Technical Evangelist
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Re: Mobile Alert Configuration

Hello Elvon,


For serious inquiries for prospective customers you should contact the Product team or line director. If you need contact info for this please private message me and I can pass it along.


Generally the domain name is not configurable in this way but we are unsure where this would be visible and a concern to an organization.

The product team gets similar questions freqeuntly and are willing to work with a customer to satisfy their requirements around #2 and #3.


Additionallly it should be noted that we are about to launch a Smart M.App solution around  Mobile Alert in next little while. That may be of interest here.