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Need support for RFP compliances

Hi Team,


We are in the process of responding an RFP. In which, they have mentioned the below three requirements which we need to comply. We are proposing GeoMedia WebMap as one of the server component in our solution.


  1. The GIS System should support in assessing the platform performance based on benchmark test results against popular physical hardware platforms or virtual server configurations, such as number of platforms per tier and peak server utilization etc
  2. GIS Server application should record various service statistics, such as total requests, average response time, and timeouts, and reports this information in Server Manager for better monitoring and performance optimization of services.
  3. GIS Server administrator should be able to prevent unauthorized users from accessing cached pages by disabling of caching of service-related information by the web browser

Do we comply these three? Do we have any performance benchmark for GeoMedia WebMap? Is it possible to customize the WebMap to record the statistics required in point#2? Is it possible to customize the point#3?


Please suggest.




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Re: Need support for RFP compliances

Hi Shashank,


I think both 1 and 2 points can be done using Performance Counters delivered with WebMap in two ways:

  • Performance Monitoring on the OS system level
  • Using QualityOfServicePipe and LogPipe - they are well documented in the WebMap services' web.config files.

You can also utilize Geospatial Portal in conjuction with Quality Monitor Service to set up a testing packages against disparate OGC services and display statistics:



Development team certainly runs performance tests but they're not published and rather used as part of QA process. The benchmark results will always depend on the data complexity, database/file system performance, etc.

Jan Neumann
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