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Registered: ‎11-17-2015
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Power Portfolio 2018 requirements



Is it possible to know what will be the Power Portfolio 2018 requirements, especially the ones for WebGIS? We are starting to prepare customers for this version and it is important for infrastructure preparation.



Bruno Santos

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Registered: ‎01-15-2016

Re: Power Portfolio 2018 requirements

Hello Bruno,


I'm so sorry for delay in the answer for you, but we were waiting for some details that just can be provided by our engineers.

So, you can see the images below the Softwares Requirements about our WebGIS. The hardware specifications, you need to consider the same configuration that you use in 2016 version. Of course, as soon as released the 2018 version we will provide more details.


WebMap 2018.png

Geospatial SDI 2018.png

Geospatial Portal 2018.png



Thanks a lot for your message.


Best Regards,

Wolmar Sabino

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Registered: ‎01-14-2016

Re: Power Portfolio 2018 requirements

Hi Walmar and all!



Could you pls share the requirements for Geospatial Portal client-side environment (HDD, RAM, Processore, Cores, etc.)? 



Thank you,



Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎09-11-2015

Re: Power Portfolio 2018 requirements

[ Edited ]

Hi Kirill,


Everything is written in the WebGIS 2018 Release Guide:



  • Google Chrome™ 63 or higher
  • Firefox® 57 or higher
  • Internet Explorer® versions 11
  • Microsoft Edge 25 or higher
  • Safari® 8 or higher



  • For browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari version provided is the
    version that certification was conducted on. It is very likely that the software
    works on newer versions of these browsers, but not officially certified.
  • The 3D features of Geospatial Portal require native WebGL support. WebGL
    is available in Firefox, Chrome and MS Edge.
  • Geospatial Portal is not supported to work in Compatibility View in Internet
    Explorer browsers - this option must be switched off by the user


So basically, there are no specific requirements for HDD, RAM, CPU, etc. because these will only affect viewing experience. I would suggest following minimum practicable configuration:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10, MacOS X (Tiger and above) and any other UX-based platform that can run named Firefox or Chrome versions
  • RAM: 2-4GB (depending on the platform)
  • CPU: Intel Core- or AMD K7/K8-based architectures and later. ARM-based devices are plausible too, just bear in mind overall system performance
  • HDD: nothing but a space for web browser and its cache

PS: You can run Geospatial Portal even on mobile devices

Jan Neumann
Post Sales Engineer Web Applications
Hexagon Geospatial