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Process for creating WMTS

Hi All,


I have recently started working with GeoMedia WebMap. I am getting into few issue and thanks to help of this forum and GeoMedia Support, I am able to get through them, thanks for that.


Now I am in process of publishing few WMTS services and I have gone through the this documentation.



This process seems quite overwhelming. I have used ArcGIS Server for quite long time and that had extremely simple way of generation chache and tiled map service. Geoserver also dont have that much complex process for generating WMTS. Why does GeoMedia WebMap has such long and very manual process of generating WMTS ? Can this process be implemented in fewer steps ?




Muhammad Almas

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Re: Process for creating WMTS

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Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for the feedback, the process is really quite complex.


I would recommend filling a Product Idea to improve and simplify this WebMap component:





Jan Neumann
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