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Real Time Web-based Vehicle tracking with Geospatial portal as web client application



This is rather a general question but i would like to know what options i have if i were to impelement a web-based vehicle tracking system using Geospatial Portal as my web client application, assuming the tracking server has an API that provides the longitude, latitude values and other vehicle information at specified time intervals... 


What options do i have for pulling the data from the API and displaying it using the Geospatial portal? What javascript frameworks can be intergrated with the Geospatial Portal to achieve real-time animation etc..?






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Re: Real Time Web-based Vehicle tracking with Geospatial portal as web client application

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Hi Elvon,


This shouldn't be hard to accomplish with Portal SDK. You will need to:

  • Call AJAX requests in certain interval to the vehicle tracking data provider - I suppose they provide something like REST API
  • After receiving response from their service use SDK functions such as:
    • $GP.map.draw.clear() - to clear previous drawings
    • either $GP.map.draw.point() - you can provide styling information for the point feature
    • or $GP.map.draw.pin() - to draw either pins that can come with some tooltips (see 05. Pin Layer - Fancy Tooltips example)


The animation speed will depend on the network bandwidth and service response time.




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