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Accepted Solution

Remove permanently WMS worldmap

HI team,


Our client has WebMap 16.2 installed. They don't use OSM, they have their own base map and in the Admin Portal the WMS http://www2.demis.nl/wms/wms.ashx?WMS=WorldMap shows up as the default base map, we remove it, create a workspace with their own services and assign the workspace to a portal instance and somehow the WMS keeps showing up in the portal instance starting workspace.


Data source.png


Is any way that we could remove it completely (both it and OSM)?


Appreciate all suggestions and ideas.


Kind regards,


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Re: Remove permanently WMS worldmap

Hello Bob,


I have been able to successfully remove the world map from my 2 main instances in 2 separate portals by simply deleting the world map data source, saving the workspace and setting this to be the initial workspace.  However, I have another instance on one of these portals where this approach has not been successful and the world map still gets initialised when entering the portals.  Like you, I ideally want to be able to remove it completely.





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Posts: 295
Registered: ‎02-09-2016

Re: Remove permanently WMS worldmap

Hi Liz & team,


I think I've found the solution now.




In the portal configuration, we need to make sure that no sample workspace or map are used in starting workspace or overview map.


Kind regards,