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Selection Style

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According to MMW Administrator Documentation it is possible to define a "selection" style. I've done this in my MMW Advantage 2018 configuration but I never see this style applied to vector features when:


  • Tapping them on the map to display attributes.
  • Editing geometry of a feature


Where/when should I be able to see the "selection" style I define for a vector feature in the "legends" - "entries" section?



Here is how I've defined the styling for a linear vector feature:

                "id": "CarriagewayDatasetID",
                "name": "Carriageway",
                "dataset": "CarriagewayDatasetID",
                "visible": true,
                "heightBounds": {
                    "lowerBound": 0,
                    "upperBound": 2000
                "style": {
                    "vector": {
                        "primary": {
                            "fill": {
                                "color": "ff0000",
                                "opacity": 0.7
                            "stroke": {
                                "color": "#ff0000",
                                "opacity": 0.7,
                                "width": 7
                        "selection": {
                            "fill": {
                                "color": "#cc33ff",
                                "opacity": 0.7
                            "stroke": {
                                "color": "#cc33ff",
                                "opacity": 1,
                                "width": 9




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Re: Selection Style

Thanks for sharing this. I used this and it is very ussful for me.