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Shapefile Output Format option in Geomedia Webmap portal

Dear Team,


As I am working with analysis tab of geomedia webmap portal v16 .04, when i am trying to download the queried wfs layer in analysis tab it shows only GML and KML download format ( i want shapefile and csv aswell). The consumed wfs service is being published by Geomedia Webmap.


How can i enable shape file option in portal.  



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Re: Shapefile Output Format option in Geomedia Webmap portal

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Hi sivaram,


There are two actual answers to your questions:

  • The download option should offer Shapefile only if WFS service advertises this outputFormat, which is not a case of WebMap's WFS
  • The CSV should be offered as WebMap's WFS supports this outputFormat, not sure why it's not listed in this case - this would require a support ticket for further investigation.
    But still, you can download the analysis results from the data window and using the "Export all features to a file" button. See: https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/Wl2LJxM70T0_4HlxiGkE8A/quy4UeSDCvCFdFrScpsfTg



Jan Neumann
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