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Registered: ‎11-10-2015
Accepted Solution

Silent installation of Geomedia WebMap

I'm trying to get a silent installation of Geomedia WebMap flying. This is my current command:


Setup.exe /s "GWM" /ni ADDLOCAL=Professional ACCEPT_EULA=1 INSTALLDIR=\\\""C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia WebMap\\\""


Unfortunately, it doesn't run so far. Setup.exe appears in the list of processes but stops after a few seconds and nothing happened.

Does anybody has hints or experience on that tho share?



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Re: Silent installation of Geomedia WebMap

Seems to equate to what I have used in the past. I believe

set DestDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia WebMap\
setup.exe /s GWM /ni ADDLOCAL=Professional ACCEPT_EULA=1 INSTALLDIR=\\\"%DestDir%\\\"
setup.exe /s GWM /cs Professional


If you get the config wizard to run silently I'd love to know those parameters (I can get Geomedia Desktop config wizard to go silently, but not webmap or apollo - always prompts for the wizard inputs).


Are you aware that with vesion 16 installer, if you install to non-default folder the config wizard won't work?

Workaround is to copy program and ConfigWizard subdirectories to C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia WebMap and then run config wizard.


Extract from my current powershell script (WIP) if it helps:


function Install-HexagonGeoApp {
  [string] $AppDesc,
  [string] $InstallMediaFolder,
  [string] $InstallDestDir,
  [string] $AppName,
  [string] $AddLocalNames, #ADDLOCAL-Installs a list of selectable features delimited by commas, or ALL to install all options. If blank leave at default install setting.
  [string] $ConfigName,
  [string] $ConfigFileToCopy,
  [string] $ConfigFileDestPath,
  [switch] $Update,
  [switch] $IgnoreNotInstalledResult
 Write-Host ""
 Write-Host "$AppDesc ... "
 if (!($AppName.StartsWith(""""))) {$AppName="""$AppName"""} #some app names have spaces or similar. Put in double quotes so it will go through setup.
 if (($AddLocalNames -ne "") -and (!($AddLocalNames.StartsWith("ADDLOCAL")))) {$AddLocalNames="ADDLOCAL=$AddLocalNames"}
 Try {
  Push-Location "$InstallMediaFolder"

  #Get current installation status - will be held in $LastExitCode after calling setup.exe with /ns option ($LastExitCode == %ERRORLEVEL% environment variable in batch scripts)
  cmd /C "setup.exe /s $AppName /ns"
  #0=not installed;1=installed and up to date;2=install version is lower;3=install version is higher;-1=unable to determine
  Write-Host "Existing install status: $LastExitCode"

  if (($LastExitCode -eq 0) -or ($LastExitCode -eq 1) -or (($Update) -and $LastExitCode -eq 2)){
   if (($LastExitCode -eq 0) -or (($Update) -and $LastExitCode -eq 2)){
    #0 = Not currently installed. Install.
    Write-Host "Not currently installed. Installing ..."
    if ($InstallDestDir.EndsWith("\")) {$InstallDestDir=$InstallDestDir.substring(0,$InstallDestDir.length-1)}
    Write-Host "setup.exe /s $AppName /ni $AddLocalNames ACCEPT_EULA=1  INSTALLDIR=\\\""""$InstallDestDir\\\"""" "
    cmd /C "setup.exe /s $AppName /ni $AddLocalNames ACCEPT_EULA=1  INSTALLDIR=\\\""""$InstallDestDir\\\"""" "
    cmd /C "setup.exe /s $AppName /ns "
    if (($LastExitCode -ne 1) -and (!((-IgnoreNotInstalledResult) -and ($LastExitCode -eq 0)))){
     Write-Host "Problem. Install status: $LastExitCode Expecting 1. Install incomplete."
     return $False
   } else {
    Write-Host "$AppDesc already installed."
   if (($ConfigFileToCopy -ne "") -and ($ConfigFileDestPath -ne "")){
    Write-Host "Copying config file ... $ConfigFileToCopy to $ConfigFileDestPath"
     $result=Copy-Item "$ConfigFileToCopy" -Destination "$ConfigFileDestPath"  -ErrorAction Stop
    }Catch {
     Write-Host "Problem copying config file"
     echo $_.Exception|format-list -force
     dir "$ConfigFileToCopy"
     dir "$ConfigFileDestPath"
     return $False
    Write-Host "Config file has been copied $result"
   if ($ConfigName -ne ""){
    #Currently setup to run configuration regardless of whether successfully applied or not.
    cmd /C "setup.exe /s $AppName /cs $ConfigName "
    Write-Host "Existing configuration status: $LastExitCode"
    if ((($LastExitCode -eq 1) -and ($Reconfigure)) -or ($LastExitCode -ne 1)){
     Write-Host "Configuring $AppDesc ... "
     Write-Host "setup.exe /s $AppName /c $ConfigName "
     cmd /C "setup.exe /s $AppName /c $ConfigName "
     cmd /C "setup.exe /s $AppName /cs $ConfigName "
     if ($LastExitCode -ne 1){
      Write-Host "Problem. Configure status: $LastExitCode - expecting 1. "
      return $False
   Write-Host "$AppDesc installation and configuration complete."
  } elseif ($LastExitCode -eq 3) {
   Write-Host "Later version of $AppDesc already installed - making no changes."
  } else {
   Write-Host "Problem with existing install status"
   Write-Host "Install status: $LastExitCode Expecting either 0 for not installed or 1 for installed at correct version. 2=install version is lower;3=install version is higher;-1=unable to determine"
   return $False
 } Catch {
  echo $_.Exception|format-list -force
  return $False
 return $True




$GeoMediaWebMapDestDir="C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia WebMap\"


Install-HexagonGeoApp `
   -AppDesc "GeoMedia WebMap" `
   -InstallMediaFolder "$InstallMediaDrive$InstallMediaFolder" `
   -InstallDestDir $GeoMediaWebMapDestDir `
   -AppName "GWM" `
   -AddLocalNames "Professional" `
   -ConfigName "Professional" `
   -ConfigFileToCopy "" `
   -ConfigFileDestPath ""
   #-AddLocalNames empty or Essentials, Advantage, Professional