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Registered: ‎02-10-2017
Accepted Solution

Special char in legend



I have the need to use 'ç' char in the legend name.

I tried to use the ascii code and the html code instead of 'ç' (because it wasn't working) and none of this options worked.

Is it possible to define the charset to use inthe configuration file?

How can I usee this kind of chars?

Any hint?


Best regards

Community Manager
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Registered: ‎02-08-2016

Re: Special char in legend

Hello amarques


What is the encoding of your config file?

Insure that it is encoded using ANSI to see if that resolves the issue.





Posts: 99
Registered: ‎02-10-2017

Re: Special char in legend

Hi Marc.


That was the problem.

The file was encoded with UTF-8.

It should work you this encoding but after change it to ANSI, it solved the problem.


Best regards