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Unable to Configure Mobile Mapworks 2018

Dear All,


I am new to configuring Mobile Mapworks. After installing the mobile mapworks, mobile mapworks advantage on mobile was working only with basemap. I wish to add some more WFS services for field editing. However, when I use the mobile mapworks on the mobile to access the file, it opens up with an grey image.


The WFS service I am using is as: http://in-g-dbserver2.ingrnet.com/wfs_waterutility/service.svc/get?request=GetCapabilities&service=W...


I have attached the configuration file, however I am unable to understand the changes that I need to make, so that it works. 


Also, I tried to use the sample configuration file available, it does not connects to even that. Can community share any configuration file, so that it can put it make the mobile mapworks work on mobile, to check and test.





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Re: Unable to Configure Mobile Mapworks 2018

Hi Aroop,


The WFS in the json ( is not valid...


I am not at the liberty to share my test jsons (i.e. customer's jsons) so I hope our members would share their working copies here.


The grey image in the mmw map could be the middle of somewhere remote on the OSM, try panning/zooming-out to see if that makes any difference.