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Accepted Solution

Update WMPS backend search url with full qualified name

Hi all, 


We have a consumer portal and it has several backend WMPS search services. By default the WMPS search is automatically configured to use a local url such as http://servername/BackendWMPS/MapService.svc. When we browse the intance with a full qualified name (such as http://council.govt.nz/consumer), the search fails because the wmps url is now invalid.


I just wonder where I can re-configure the backend WMPS  search url, so the search function can start working again.


Kind regards  

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Re: Update WMPS backend search url with full qualified name

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We used the following workflow to resolve the issue mentioned above:


Open AdminPortal, click Hostname alias on the left sidepanel 

Tick Default Web Site Enabled

Key in the hostname alias and hostname alias port.

Click Apply


Re-configure your searches for consumer portal instance e.g. remove the searches from the CP instance and then put them back.