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Using Google Analytics with Consumer Portal or Geospatial Portal

Has anyone had any experience with setting up Google analytics with the consumer portal or geospatial portal?  We are trying to set it up for our upcoming web app based on the consumer portal and would love to know if anyone can share some tips on how to do this.  

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Re: Using Google Analytics with Consumer Portal or Geospatial Portal



Yes, we have some implementations with GA in Geospatial Portal, with custom developments.

Didn't do anything related to this in Consumer Portal but I think that should be the same approach.


This is very straight forward. If you follow the instructions of GA you can achieve this without major problems.

You have to be aware that some standard indicators of GA will not be has usefull as in other types of web applications.

For instance, the indicators related to entry page, or time per page, will not give you big information because you are pratically always on the same page. What changes in both CP or GP is the content of map.

However, if you have, lets say, a page to show some information that can be accessed in GP Web Browser, you can see that page also in the GA indicators.

For our implementations the major interest was to implement custom events that could be tracked inside GA.

With this you can monitor your developments with this powerful tool.


What are you concerns and how can I help you?