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Technical Evangelist
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Re: WFS with SQL Server Spatial

Hi António,


There must be something wrong with your installation, I've just re-checked this on WebMap 2018 installation and it works the same -> I deleted  <owsSmiley Surprisedperation name="Transaction"> from the WFS_Capabilities_2_0_0.xml, restarted WWW service and it was removed from the Capabilities document afterwards...


Can you perhaps try to delete .NET cache?



Jan Neumann
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Hexagon Geospatial

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Re: WFS with SQL Server Spatial

[ Edited ]



I haven't filled any ticket yet because I was trying the approach that Jan mentioned.


Jan I haven't deleted the .Net temporary files. I'll try that and let you know.

Hope it's going to solve the issue.


However I will need to open a ticket on this issue because even if it works, the removal of the XML section on the capabilities document, it is a workaround. Because if you have only non transactional services in your project, you could remove from the templates files and all the services will work well (with the condition that you open the connection with a read-only db user). However if you have a mix of situations where you have multiple transactional and non transactional services in the same server you have to configure each one with this changes.

This should be based on a Read-Only Data Server (like the other connections types are) or in a WFS configuration that could be controlled on the Administration Console.


Thanks both for your inputs.


Posts: 100
Registered: ‎02-10-2017

Re: WFS with SQL Server Spatial



The problem was the .Net temporary files.

After remove them it started to work.




Now we will create a Product Idea topic, and a SR, to see if this configuration (removing the transactional part) could be done by configuration in Administration Console instead of doing it directly in the capabilities XML file.