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WMS Broker (WMS-C) service in Geospatial SDI

I know that WMS-C is an old specification that has been superceded by the OSGEO Tile Map Service Specification (TMS) and the OGC Web Map Tile Service Standard (WMTS). I remember that in SDI PRO 6.1 (now Geospatial SDI) there was the service WMS Broker. I don't know if now there's any change to offer this service with Geospatial SDI, even not fully supported.

The reason is that a customer wants a WMS (and not WMTS) faster, and it's a WMS based on a complex simbology in GeoMedia that need intensive work on rendering the map (sometimes more than 100 Seconds, it's due for some patterns configured) .  Customer accept that the WMS works with a local tiling cache.

Any input will be apreciate. 


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Re: WMS Broker (WMS-C) service in Geospatial SDI

If my memory doesn't fail me, what you might remember is actually an add-on to the GeoMedia WebMap SDI Pro. The add on template came with a broker WMS pipeline that allowed for merging of WMS responses from different services. Additionally it consisted of something called the WMSCachePipe. It leveraged the same SDI Cache as was and still is used in the WMTS service. However, it wasn't a WMS-C implementation in that it didn't put constraints on the possible requests. Instead it allowed for any valid WMS request and then rescaled the tile images to fit.
The last time I believe the add-on was officially delivered was mid-2011. No builds were made afterwards due to little interest in it. I am unaware of it being available even in the ancient 6.1 version on any of the official download sites.