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WMS Filter

Hi all,

We would like to filter a WMS. The goal is that just one object is displayed in the picture (with getmap request). The WMS is http://geodienste.geozuerich.ch/SWMSI_DUAUFGRABUNG/service.svc/get?SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.3.0&REQUEST...

The layer where the object (red shape) can be found is qry_TAB_WFS_Geom_Aufg_ID_not_NULL and is part of TAB_WFS_Geom_Report and TAB_WFS_Geom. We would like to just show one attribute, for example Geom_Aufg_ID = 6.

Is it possible to filter for one single attribute?






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Re: WMS Filter

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Hi Marlies,


Only way I can think of is using SLD filter. Although it will not select only particular features, it can give them unique style based on attribute value. See some discussion on the topic here:


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