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WMS and SQL Server Spatial

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I'm having a situation when consuming data, in a WMS version 2015 EP05, from a SQL Server Spatial database.

I've published a FC and when I'm trying to see the data in that a browser I get a stange behavior: the features inside that FC that has specifed SRID = 0 are visible and others that have a SRID = 3857 (for example) aren't.

However, if I try to see that same FC inside GeoMedia (in my case Essentials 2015 EP05) I can see all the geometries.


Any hint?

How can I overcome this situation?

My goal is to have all the features with a SRID defined.



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Re: WMS and SQL Server Spatial

Do you mean that if you do an 

select distinct SP_GEOMETRY.STSrid from dbo.MYTABLE

you will get more than one SRID returned?

  • all srid in a table must be the same or some geometries will not show.
  • if you are using projected coordinate system and set the geometry srid to a value other than 0, you will need to manually adjust the GeoMedia metadata. Be warned that GeoMedia will overright that value.
    There is a discussion on projected srid not set to 0 in the forums somewhere.  
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Re: WMS and SQL Server Spatial

Hi Shaun.


Thanks for the reply.

All the record in the table have the same SRID.

I'm using projected cs and I've changed already the GParameter value for native SRID so that GeoMedia use the correct value.

I'll try to find the topic that you mentioned.


Best regards,


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Re: WMS and SQL Server Spatial



I've seen the topic that you mentioned and it solved the problem.

This is the link for it: https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/Support-GeoMedia/Spatial-Filter-not-working-for-SQL-Serve...


The problem is that in Database Utilities we must manually add the code for projected epsg code because it is not available in the list that DBUtilities shows.


Thanks for your help