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WMTS Layers Not Available at All Scales



I have created a WMTS service in GeoMedia WebMap and configured appropriately using the documentation available. However, the tiles are only generated at specific scales. When i zoom in further than the point where i have configured scale-dependent display for some layers, all layers cease to display with the info that the data is not available at current scale. I have increased the levels and the tile sizes in the cacheconfiguration files with no success, the behaviour remains the same. 


How do i ensure the tiles are generated for all layers at all scales?




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Re: WMTS Layers Not Available at All Scales

Hi Elvis,


Can you share the CacheConfiguration XML file?

Did you copy over the XML file to WMTS sharedConfiguration folder?


Also make sure that the Geospatial Capabilities Service is restarted (or not used), when you're changing the WMTS service properites.



Jan Neumann
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