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Accepted Solution

WMTS and Authorization

Hi everybody.


I use SDI-2018 (Version 16.5.0100 build 14).


I create a WMTS-facade to a Apollo WMTS. It work fast as i use the Apollo server directly.


I need to use the authorization bridge for controlling access to the WMTS service.


It work, but... it slow; the WMS with authorization bridge is much faster


When a use my WMTS-facade in a Geospatial Portal, each tile (24 tiles approx.) use the authorization bridge 24 times and it take a lot of time.

Each tile call use the same sessionID.


Is there a way to only use the authorization bridge one time and don't spend lot of time to make verifications each tiles at every zoom.



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Re: WMTS and Authorization

Hi marcot,


Likely not. WMTS web service is a stateless type of service (no sessions) which means that authorization is required for each request. You might however see better performance if you set up the user management directly in Apollo.




Jan Neumann
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Hexagon Geospatial

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Registered: ‎06-28-2016

Re: WMTS and Authorization

Thanks Jan.


I just wanted to be sure that is was imposible in SDI as is,


I have a couple of alternatives solutions:


1- We use Netscaler (and further F5) as a proxy;

2- It's much easier to manage the IP adress to an authorize organisation, than create a lot of usr/pwd for them;

3- We don't have a lot of secure-WMTS;

4- As I said, the WMS speed is acceptable (less than 3 sec. with authorization bridge). I can use SDI for more specific grants thus IP adress if necessary;

5- It's in my TO DO to explore the Apollo security.


The only thing that put SDI in front of other proxy/usr/pwd third party solution is the cropping.

We use lot of orthos with cropping depending of the rights of the client organization.

I still continue to use Apollo WMS for those.