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Accepted Solution

WMTS and LabelWeb



Here the context of our organization for delivering WMS/WMTS with Geomedia :

  • We actually use WebMap Pro 2015 and LabelWeb LRF file for dynamiclly labelling in our WMS services.
  • The gws use Oracle table/view.
  • Depending the zoom layer, we control the label size by using Expression in symbol properties.
  • We use shield symbol with text inside depending on field table.
  • We use WebMap Pro 2015 Cache Filler and Cache filler Manager for generating the WMTS.
  • We use the WMS define in point 1



Here the problem :

We dont want to generate tile cache with dynamic LabelWeb labeling.

Actually I have no possibility for the labelling with WebMap products.


Do you have a solution for that problem ?


I join a pdf with 3 tests case.



Marco Tremblay

Quebec city

Technical Evangelist
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Re: WMTS and LabelWeb

Hello Marco,


For a GeoMedia Webmap sourced WMS the LabelWeb rule file is specified in the General Settings within Publisher Administrator. Once set the WMS will be labelled accordingly when accessed.

When this WMS URL is fed to Cache Filler and Manager service to be used as a WMTS it will include as well the labels as you have noted.


To avoid this, the source WMS would not have a LabelWeb rule file specified in the General Settings within Publisher Administrator. If both cases are necessary then a second WMS should be created that does not contain a specified LabelWeb rule file and this URL then used in the Cache Filler and Manager for the WMTS to contain no labelling.


I hope this helps.


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Re: WMTS and LabelWeb

[ Edited ]

Or, if labels are needed but performance is a concern on dynamic lables, then static labels stored as queries or feature classes could be a workaround.



Other option to create Label queries / feature classes is to use GeoMedia, Vector > Insert Label




Jan Neumann
Post Sales Engineer Web Applications
Hexagon Geospatial

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Re: WMTS and LabelWeb

Thanks SClow for fast response.


The problem I have already  observe with this technic is you receive your tile in 0.001 seconde and 3 secondes later, you recevice your labeling.

The labeling is not faster then the original WMS because you must set transparency all the vectorial data.

I use this technic for labeling sometimes WFS in Geoportail or for separate labelling from the WMS data for sometime see the vector only.



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Registered: ‎06-28-2016

Re: WMTS and LabelWeb

Hi Jan


I have just receive Geomedia-Pro 2015; I still working with 6.1 on my destop.

I had try your suggestion with Geomedia 2015 (Vector -. static label) and it's work in WMS service.; but it will be long to labelling at differents zoom levels for a layer.


I will now try the interactive mode and give you feedback.



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Registered: ‎06-28-2016

Re: WMTS and LabelWeb

The interactive work well, but not for my actual case.


The major problem is time to generate static label at different zoom scale for polygon layer.


After some reflects, I will generate one points layer derived by polygons and let  LabelWeb do the job.

By this technic, there just one label in only one tile; the neighbourhood tile don’t have the same label. If I use polygons layer, each tile with is neighbourhood have repeat.


Thanks for your help guys.



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Re: WMTS and LabelWeb

That's actually a very good idea!

Have you generated your points by a centroid query? Can you share some sample images for us to see how it worked out for you?