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Webmap label rule CENTRE command values?

Hi All,

I'm trying to better understand labelling in Webmap and have come across the CENTER command used to determine the position of the center of the text with respect to the initial and final vertex of the line feature.


Online help has this as a single command whereas the default LRF template has 3 parameters i.e. CENTER=50%, 0%, 100%


Can anyone tell me what the 3 parameters are actually referring to?




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Re: Webmap label rule CENTRE command values?

The three parameters seem to be taken from the EZ-Label documentation. This was a historical add-on for GeoMedia Desktop which enabled the dynamic labeling. It was different in subtle ways from LabelWeb - an add-on for GeoMedia WebMap Smiley Happy Both have been superseded by the built-in functionalities.

From what I've gathered, the parameters described the range over the linear feature's extent that could still be considered as "CENTER". As per the original Label-EZ docs:


CENTER = f1, f2, f3 


2017-02-09 10_58_40-Reader.png


The default values were exactly as in the template.lrf (CENTER=50%,0%,100%).


The original LabelWeb documentation, however, states that the command is not parametrized. I suppose the labeling engine in WebMap simply ignores everything after the command and the parameters are not used. Even in GeoMedia Desktop's Label Manager these parameters are not exposed in the GUI.