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Webmap, portal and containers

A client is exploring Docker/Kubernetes containers.

  • Can WebMap and/or Portal play in that space?
  • Has anyone run up GeoMedia WebMap with Windows Server Core 2016?
  • Has anyone actually got an container running with GeoMedia WebMap and/or Geospatial Portal?

I suspect main problem will be restrictions with "Server GUI Management Infrastructure" component *MUST* be installed" - have not explored if Windows Server core 2016 or later can be setup with that component.



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Re: Webmap, portal and containers

HI Shaun.


From https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/windows/.


"In order to run Windows containers, your Kubernetes cluster must include multiple operating systems, with control plane nodes running Linux and workers running either Windows or Linux depending on your workload needs. Windows Server 2019 is the only Windows operating system supported, enabling Kubernetes Node on Windows (including kubelet, container runtime, and kube-proxy)"


We haven't certified against windows server 2019 and I beleive you are correct "Server GUI Management Infrastructure" component *MUST* be installed" and it cannot be included with the core install.