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hot spots on mobile phone with sdk

I have a Portal SDK gwmpub.aspx project that works just as wanted with SVG display.  Chemical plants are hotspotted to run a URL when double clciked.  When i try this on a mobile phone, I am switched to mobile.aspx.  I don't think the display is svg and when i click on a chemical plant (can't double click on mobile phone) i get the same thing i would get clicking the "i" toolbar icon and then clicking plant.  The hotspot url is one of the attributes dispalyed but it is not dispayed as a  link , just text.  I could copy and paste the  into browser and run it but that is not very good solution.  Is there any way to make clicking a feature on cell phone behave same way (ie bring up a URL) as it does with gwmpub.aspx?



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Re: hot spots on mobile phone with sdk

Hi Jane,


It should display as a link when using the feature info [i]. Make sure that the database column is marked as hypertext in GDO metadata. You can review this using database utilities.




Jan Neumann
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Registered: ‎05-01-2016

Re: hot spots on mobile phone with sdk

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A little more info....The column functions as the hotspot when i click a plant using gwmpub.aspx but if it shifts to mobile.aspx because i am on a cell phone, then the url is just plain text and instead of jumping to the link, i get the attribute display as if I had used the information tool.    I have using an older version 2017 of the SDK for this project - maybe it has been fixed since.... 


Attached image shows column incident_info is a link and is set to by hypertext in Geomedia

In publisher the incident_info column is set to be Hotspot type of Open URL

and the last screen shot is clicking on a plant when in mobile.aspx and not getting hotspot action or hypertext link