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Accepted Solution


When I've saved a map using the USER MAPS icon on the toolbar (checking off as pubic) and use it to start an SDK webmap with a custom map configuration is there any way to change the hex string to a word (like  http://myserver/PortalSDK/gwmpub.aspx?gpm=MYMAP1)?

I went to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SDK\src\Application\App_Data\Maps\public and found the .WORKSPACE and .NAME file with the hexagon string name.  There is also a file with the matching hexadecimal name that has no extension.  I copied the 3 files and then renamed them to have MYMAP1 as their name instead of the hexstring but when i used the MYMAP1 name as the argument to GPM= to startup, i didn't get the custom map.

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Re: http://myserver/PortalSDK/gwmpub.aspx?gpm=0f71b144-00a3-41d3-b249-2c4e02535a50

There's few more places involved.


  1. When user saves a workspace it is created in App_Data\Maps\private\<user_guid> folder
  2. When user marks this WS as public, file with this GUID is placed into App_Data\Maps\public
  3. To rename the WS identifier you have to:
    • Rename the file in App_Data\Maps\public
    • Rename the 3 files in App_Data\Maps\private\<user_guid>\workspaces
    • Edit App_Data\Maps\private\<user_guid>\maps\<some_guid>.workspace file and replace the guid string with your custom name


This worked for me.




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