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print more than once in a session

We have a customer with Geospatial Portal instances on two seperate servers (live and test) that can only print once within a session of Geospatial portal. The first print will work fine via the Portal Print Service, but the second does not fire. In the Portal log is simply - 


2017-03-02 16:28:24,715 [55] ERROR Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.MapStorage.MapStorageManagerHandler [(null)] - Error processing map storage request
Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.ClientScript.SessionExpiredException: Session expired
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.Serialization.MapStateSerializer.GetMapService(String id, Dictionary`2 mapServiceStubs)
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.Serialization.MapStateSerializer.AddLegendItems(ILegendItemContainer container, IEnumerable`1 legendItemStubs, IList`1 sortedLegendItemStubs, Dictionary`2 mapServiceStubs)
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.Serialization.MapStateSerializer.GetVariant(MapState mapState, MapStateVariant variantStub, Dictionary`2 mapServiceStubs)
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.Serialization.MapStateSerializer.Deserialize(MapState mapStateStub)
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.Serialization.MapStateSerializer.<DeserializeMapStates>d__8.MoveNext()
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.MapContent.MapStatePersister.get_mapStates()
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.MapContent.MapStatePersister.Load(String mapStateId)
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.MapStorage.MapStorageManagerHandler.SaveMap(HttpContext context)
at Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.MapStorage.MapStorageManagerHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)


A refresh of the Portal in the browser and the print works again, for one time. We are using PhantomJS for printing with Portal 15.00.0511 template. We have already been over the server with a support analyst, and have an SR logged. Any ideas though on what to check? Thanks

Technical Evangelist
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Re: print more than once in a session

Hi Richard,


How about Application Poools? Are the settings identical for both Portal instances on live/test? And for the printing service?

Have you tried to set up another clean Portal instance on the problematic environment to see if the problem persists?




Jan Neumann
Post Sales Engineer Web Applications
Hexagon Geospatial

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Posts: 142
Registered: ‎02-17-2016

Re: print more than once in a session

Hi Jan


Yes - we have already replicated on a new portal instance on both servers; the print issue arises when we apply IIS Windows autentication to the portals. We have also created a new website under sites. The application pools have a 'printing' logon ID who is a member of the local Administrators group.


We have not replicated the issue on any other servers, just the two servers (live and test) of the customer.


Thus we think it is something within their server environment. They are AWS EC2 instances, managed by a third party. We have looked over the Windows updates etc. already.