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Accepted Solution

removing the OverView Map

I need to remove the overview map completely from the left panel displayed with gwmpub.aspx (including the little "V" you click for zoom checkbox and zoom factor selection) 

I also would like to remove options on the Settings dropdown box also on that panel (above the overview map)

Any tips on what code needs modifying?


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Re: removing the OverView Map

Hi Jane,


Basically you have two options:

1) Once you deploy your custom Portal (there's an article how to do that) and make it available in AdminConsole, just uncheck the "Panel6" in the Layouts configuration.

2) In GWMPub.aspx remove


<ext:Panel ID="Panel6" runat="server" Anchor="100%, 40%">
    <LayoutConfig Type="Fit" />
        <wc_core:PreviewMapPanel ID="PreviewMapPanel" runat="server"
        MapStateId="preview" ControllingMapStateId="map" Mode="Dynamic" ... />

In GWMPub.aspx.cs rewrite property MapStateIds to:

protected override IDictionary<string, IMapControlContainer> MapStateIds
       return new Dictionary<string, IMapControlContainer>
               {"map", this.mapControlContainer}

Rebuild the solution.




Jan Neumann
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Regular Contributor
Posts: 240
Registered: ‎05-01-2016

Re: removing the OverView Map

Thanks! I kept removing panel6 in gwmpub.aspx but wasn't making the additional change to gwmpub.aspx.cs to remove the "preview" reference.